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Pesanan Penting Dari Maxim

Full Guide by Maxim E-hailing: How To Become A Partner-Driver And Get Extra Money

Maxim E-hailing offers the opportunity to join as its partner-driver for everyone interested. This is a good option for unemployed individuals, fresh graduates, part-timers, and those seeking additional income. Working hours are very flexible: partner-drivers can choose their own schedule and work either full-time or part-time.

The economy is going through a problematic period, so everyone is on the hunt for extra financial security and options to accumulate savings. Maxim is one of the platforms that offer good opportunities for partner-drivers to secure extra money. Partner-drivers can make money from every trip and use it to cut down monthly gasoline expenses.

What’s interesting is that Maxim E-hailing also focuses on rural areas, providing a lot of opportunities for the locals to join and make extra pocket money. Not only that, once e-hailing services become available in an area, it can attract tourists to visit the location and use e-hailing as their main means of transportation.

“E-hailing companies have become an integral part of today’s gig economy, offering job opportunities for individuals looking to raise their income or make a living by driving or making deliveries using a digital platform. By implementing the right strategies and effectively communicating the benefits of working with Maxim, we can attract more individuals seeking job opportunities in the gig economy. We will continuously assess and improve our offers based on the feedback from drivers to create a positive and rewarding experience for everyone involved,” said the Director of Maxim E-hailing, Mohd Hazwan Musley.

“I joined Maxim during the Covid-19 lockdown, when I lost my job due to the pandemic. It’s been three years since I started working as a partner-driver, and these opportunities have taught me a lot, especially when I meet new people every day. Not only that, but I also earn approximately RM2000–RM2500 monthly, since I do this as a full-time job,” said one of Maxim partner-drivers, Lau Meng Chung.

Anyone who wants to join and become a partner-driver needs to obtain a few documents and licenses, as well as download one mobile app. Here is the list of documents to be prepared and uploaded to the app:

a. Original MyKad (blue).

b. Original Competent Driving License (CDL) valid for at least one (1) more year.

c. PSV License issued by the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ). To receive a PSV license, the following items are required to be submitted to the JPJ:

• 1 color photo (white background) with dimensions of 25 mm x 32 mm

• JPJL8A Form

• JPJL12 Form

• JPJL2C Certificate

• A fee of RM20

d. Active vehicle insurance and e-hailing insurance.

The app that needs to be downloaded is Taxsee Driver, which is available on the following platforms: Google Play Store, App Store, and Huawei AppGallery.

After downloading the mobile app, it’s necessary to pass the registration process and upload the mandatory documents for verification. This is required so that Maxim E-hailing can then file an application for an EVP (E-hailing Vehicle Permit) to the relevant transport agency.

After this is done, the partner-driver candidate may get a call from Maxim E-hailing for verification purposes and is required to follow the given instructions. All that’s left to do after that is start the journey with Maxim E-hailing! Just one app provides a whole range of opportunities to make extra pocket money.

To show their support to partner-drivers, Maxim E-hailing reimburses the cost of the PSV licenses and files applications for EVPs to the relevant transport agencies for the potential partner-drivers who are willing to work with the company. Partner-drivers need to bring the PSV receipt to the nearest Maxim E-hailing office, and the company’s support specialists will explain how to reimburse the cost of the PSV license.


Maxim was launched in Malaysia in 2019. The first order was completed in Kuantan. Now the service operates in all states of Malaysia.

Since 2019, the company has been developing innovative technologies for ordering transport for delivery and other services, making it more modern, accessible, and safe. The service has created a system that makes it possible to register an unlimited number of clients and process millions of orders. The Maxim app for ordering services and the Taxsee Driver app for fulfilling orders are among the top apps with millions of users.

The apps are available on the following platforms: Google Play Store, App Store, Huawei AppGallery, GetApps, Oppo App Market, Vivo App Store, and Galaxy Store.

The mission of the service is to constantly improve user interaction and help people move towards their goals!

Shafiqah Shajari

Public Relations Specialist

Maxim E-hailing Malaysia


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